Benefits and utilization - Sunny Growing tunnel

GARANTIA plant aids provide accelerated plant growth and protect plants from the elements. The Sunny Growing tunnels support plant growth via the warm, humid microclimate existing beneath the cover. The Growing tunnels are simply placed on top of seeds or saplings and securely fixed in the soil with the aid of the Sunny soil anchor. After use, the plastic components can be dismantled once again and stacked to save space. The tunnels are additionally equipped with an intelligent irrigation system. The water gathers in moulded recesses and is gently dispensed to the plant that lies beneath it. In the event of heavy rain, excess water drains off outside the plant aid. If it does not rain, the plant aids are simply watered directly with a watering can or hosepipe and need not even be opened during this process. The Growing tunnels have a freely adjustable aeration system that provides for temperature regulation and aeration on sunny and warm days.

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