Rainwater harvesting conserves our groundwater ressources

Water is the medium that makes climate change tangible for all of us. There is no water shortage in Germany yet, but groundwater levels are already falling across the country. Today, Graf customers worldwide already save 208 million litres of drinking water every day, as much as the daily demand of the city of Munich.

Save up to 50 %

On average, every German citizen consumes 130L of drinking water per day. Small steps are all it takes to make a positive change in your water footprint. With products from GRAF, up to 50 % of drinking water in private households can be replaced by rainwater.

Rainwater is precious

Plants love rainwater. It is naturally soft and lime-free. This means that laundry washed with rainwater will be fresh and clean whilst using significantly less detergent. You can also save on additional descalers. There is also less scale build-up in the toilet.

Infiltration or retention as a supplement

Often, infiltration or retention of rainwater on the property is a requirement for new buildings. This can be easily implemented with GARANTIA retention tanks or infiltration systems. This is a simple way to meet official requirements and also save on rainwater charges. Incidentally, both options can be easily combined with rainwater harvesting.