Rainwater harvesting is that easy!

A one-off investment – save up to 50% in drinking water!

GARANTIA® products include everything you need for professional rainwater harvesting. GARANTIA® systems are thought-out right down to the smallest detail and are ideal for do-it-yourself installation.

  • All underground tanks and tank packages are supplied with a telescopic dome shaft and tank covering. There are no hidden costs.
  • Garantia rainwater harvesting systems only have one tank covering visible in the garden. The filter technology is integrated in the tank.
  • The telescopic dome shaft can be telescoped and tilted in a continuously variable manner. It can be optimally adapted to the surface of the terrain.

Please bear in mind

You do not have to notify or report to any official bodies that you are using a rainwater harvesting system to irrigate your garden, but you must notify your water supplier if you have a rainwater harvesting system which is also used for building services (washing machine and flushing toilets). You do not however have to obtain a permit.

Make some serious savings

50% of your daily water needs can be replaced by rainwater. Using a rainwater harvesting system thereby allows your household to make some serious savings.