State-of-the-art technology - only 2 basic components to install

All included in the package

State-of-the-art technology

  • Always keep track with the digital level indicator
  • Only 2 basic components to install - ideal for self-installation!
  • On-demand drinking water feeding into the domestic hot water system
  • Low-noise brand-name centrifugal pump

Scope of delivery:

  • Columbus underground tank
  • Telescopic dome shaft Columbus
  • Walk-on tank cover, child-proof lockable

Extension package

  • Self-cleaning SUPRA filter Internal
  • Patented quick-assembly collar
  • Overflow siphon with small animal protection function
  • Calmed inlet siphon

Technical package

  • Digital level indicator
  • 10 m pressure hose 25 mm (1")
  • Floating draw-off
  • Drinking water feed module with very quiet pump (only 57 dB(A)) controls the water level in the tank and automatically feeds drinking water into the domestic water network if required. Quick installation due to pre-assembled module, 2-year warranty
  • Wall duct DN110


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