Efficient production thanks to modern facilities

Sustainability is the top priority in our manufacturing processes. The residual heat from production is used to heat the production- and logistics buildings. Closed water cycles ensure that our production uses as little water as possible. In our factories, rainwater is also used for cooling and cleaning processes.

Logistic-optimised products

GARANTIA products are always manufactured with a focus on optimised logistics. This enables the efficient utilisation of pallets and transport vehicles thereby reducing CO2 emissions during transit.

Further measures to reduce our energy requirements

  • Energy mix with 80% renewable energies
  • Energy management according to ISO 50001
  • Saving heating energy through heat recovery
  • Minimal water consumption thanks to closed cooling circuits
  • Rainwater utilisation for cooling and cleaning processes, toilets, washing machines
  • Universal use of LED lighting
  • Infiltration of excess storm water runoff
  • Further sustainability measures on water protection and noise emissions
  • Optimised logistics between our factories