Easy to install: pre-assembled control system, which automatically controls and regulates the entire water requirement of the rainwater harvesting system.

The unit is supplied pre-assembled. The installation time is thus greatly shortened and the costs reduced.

If there is rainwater in the tank, it will be pumped out to supply the connected appliances (toilets, washing machine…) when needed. If the tank is empty, drinking water is automatically provided from the integrated intake container of the module. The intake container refills thanks to a float valve system.

  • In accordance with DIN 1988
  • Mounting console made of stainless steel (not illustrated)
  • 3-way valve
  • Floating switch with 20 m of connection cable
  • Highly reliable operating system
  • Integrated drinking water intake container with a volume of approx. 20 ltr
  • Easy installation and attractive design
  • High performance and particularly quiet centrifugal pump with circuit breaker
  • Float valve: feeds the empty tank with drinking water from the mains water supply when needed
  • Emergency overflow DN 70
  • Centrifugal pump:
    Delivery height: 38 m = 3,8 bar
    Delivery rate: 3600 L/h
    Motor performance: 0,66 KW
    Suction length/-height: 12 m/3 m


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