Economic package with integrated self-cleaning SUPRA filter technology.

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Economic package with integrated self-cleaning SUPRA filter technology

  • The economic package solution for use in the home and garden.
  • High-quality pump technology.
  • Suitable for vehicle loading.

Scope of supply:

  • Monolithic rainwater underground tank Columbus.
  • Telescopic dome shaft Columbus.
  • Double-walled PE-lid with childproof lock, colour lawn green.
  • Filter package SUPRA including:
    • Internal self-cleaning filter SUPRA
    • Inflow stilling system
    • Overflow siphon with rodent guard
    • Patented pipe connection sleeve
  • Digital fill level display with drinking water feeding function.
  • Domestic water pump with dry running protection, max. 4,8 bar, max. 4800 ltr/h, 2 years warranty.
  • Pump wall console.
  • Floating water extraction unit with backpressure valve and hose.
  • 10 m suction hose.


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